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Volunteering at Merindah

Merindah Study Centre welcomes volunteers of all ages (students, professionals, parents and retirees).


Volunteers have the opportunity to assist in several ways, such as:

  • Contributing with their professional skills to an educational programme

  • Teaching practical skills to club members

  • Carrying out small repairs or gardening

  • Assisting with the administration of a centre or activity (eg communications, data entry, catering)

If you enjoy working as part of an energetic team, and would like to donate your time in support of Merindah's aims and activities, please complete the form below and we will contact you when a suitable opportunity arises.

As a study centre which works with children and young people, Merindah requires all staff and volunteers to comply with the Queensland Government Working with Children Check (Blue card).

Volunteering in your community

Hands up Brisbane (HUB) is an initiative that encourages young people to engage with existing volunteering programmes to help those people in need in our community.


Volunteering activities include: working bees, visiting the elderly and socially isolated, recreational activities for disadvantaged children, providing hospitality to the homeless.


HUB also provides input to volunteers by inviting guest speakers to share their experience in serving the community through their professional work.


Details of upcoming events are posted in the Events section of our website and on our social media.

Hands Up Brisbane (HUB)

Volunteering abroad

Volunteering in Australia

Interstate Service Projects

Contact us if you would like to get involved in service projects around Australia organised by centres like Merindah. 

Africa Service Project 

Click here to register your interest to attend an information session about an exciting project we are organising in 2025.

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