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Girls' Club

Merindah supports parents in the overall education of their daughters by reinforcing the values taught at home. The clubs aim to help the girls to achieve their best and to develop into responsible and generous members of society.


Through a range of extracurricular, social and service activities, the clubs provide a positive and fun environment for girls to acquire good habits and build their character. In the clubs, the girls also receive individual mentoring to set and achieve personal goals.

Merindah is committed to the wellbeing and safety of children and young people. All staff and volunteers are bound by AEPL's Child Protection Policy which can be accessed here

Building Character

Merindah Club aims to help girls from a young age to grow in friendship and character. Each session includes a virtue talk and a fun activity to foster friendship among the girls and to learn a new skill. As the girls progress towards high school, a greater emphasis is placed on pursuing academic and personal excellence by building strong foundations of identity, character, leadership and service.

Learning to Lead

The Canvas leadership programme equips teens with real knowledge of what makes  a great leader and gives them the practical skills to be leaders in their own communities. 

Combining leadership seminars with fun workshops, participants receive advice and coaching  to develop personal talents, pursue excellence  in study and generously give themselves to others.

Throughout the programme, the girls will have opportunities to put their leadership skills into practice through volunteering activities in the community.

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